About us

The ÚSOVSKO SK s.r.o company was established in 2004 in Slovak Republic as a daughter's company one of the biggest producer of muesli bars in Czech Republic ÚSOVSKO a.s. company.
The aim of the ÚSOVSKO SK s.r.o company is export, import and distribution of food and drugstore products in Slovak Republic.

Thanks to the sister's distribution company SODKO a.s. in Czech Republic, we can offer to our partner complete and complex distribution solution plus all advantages connecting to it in both trades: Czech and Slovak.

ÚSOVSKO SK s.r.o company belongs to the stable distribution companies in the Slovak market with:
- stable portfolio of private, domestic and foreign brands
- experienced and well trained sales team
- sophisticated logistics system with regular deliveries
- organized distribution to all channels, including HORECA
- complex marketing support